Installing Outlook/Office 365 and LeapFILE Plugin


1.    If you have not already done so please download and install Office 365 as outlined here:


2.    Once office installation is complete (do not launch it yet!) download and install the LeapFILE Desktop Client*:


3.    Login as prompted, your company leapfile URL is – enter exactly as displayed here where mycompany is the first portion of the URL for your LeapFILE account


4.    Enter your login credentials (email address and password)


5.    Download and install the LeapFILE 64-bit Outlook Plugin:


6.    Once complete launch Outlook, when you click New email you can send a LeapFILE transfer by composing an email, adding an attachment and clicking the LeapFILE button above the standard Send button



* If you receive an error about .Net 2.0 follow the instructions outlined here then relaunch the LeapFILE Desktop Client installer


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