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  1. **NEW** 64-bit Outlook Compatible Plugin

  2. Account Administrator Guide

  3. Automating Transfers

  4. Can I recover/resend complete or expired file transfers? (File Expiration Policy)

  5. Check if Outlook is 32 or 64 bit

  6. Desktop Client Failed or Unable to Connect - Network Error

  7. Desktop Client/Outlook Installation and User Guide

  8. Does LeapFILE Desktop Client and Outlook plugin Work in Citrix System?

  9. Download link Error

  10. Enable .NET 2.0-3.5 Windows 8.1-10

  11. Enable Plugin

  12. Error - Waiting for LeapFILE ComHub to start timed out.

  13. Failed Transfers via Outlook/Desktop Client

  14. How can someone upload or send files to me?

  15. How do I change my email address associated with LeapFILE?

  16. How do I find and share my LeapFILE URL?

  17. How do I login or reset my password?

  18. How do I update my credit card payment information?

  19. Installing Outlook/Office 365 and LeapFILE Plugin

  20. Invalid login - Resetting your Desktop Client after you reset your password

  21. LeapFILE Outlook plugin (add-in) not working?

  22. LeapFILE Secure File Transfer Comprehensive User Guide

  23. Logfile locations for Desktop Client and Outlook Plugin

  24. Maximum File Size

  25. NYC Employee Health Benefits

  26. Outlook Threshold - 5MB default

  27. Outlook: Filter LeapFILE Notifications to a Custom Folder

  28. Portal & Repository Guide

  29. Quick Start User Guide

  30. Re-enable Outlook Plugin

  31. Receiving Files

  32. Redemption.dll Not Registered

  33. Security Session Expired - How can I bookmark my LeapFILE secure file exchange website?

  34. Service interruption 06/18/21

  35. Set up Custom Security Question

  36. Uninstall LeapFILE Desktop Client with Outlook Plug-in

  37. Upload files to Portal or Repository using Outlook Plugin

  38. Upload files to repository or portal using desktop client

  39. Using LeapFILE Desktop Client via command line in Windows

  40. What to do when your account has been disabled

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