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Error - Waiting for LeapFILE ComHub to start timed out.

Error message - Waiting for LeapFILE ComHub to start timed out.


Cause - These types of errors occur if the LeapFILE service is stopped or interrupted to start by system or other applications.

Solution - Check Anti-Virus then Start the service manually and set recovery options to avoid errors in the future.

First ensure that LeapFILE is not being blocked by anti-virus, be sure both LeapfileComHub.exe and LeapFileDesktopClient.exe (both located in Program Files (x86) > LeapFILE > LeapFILE Desktop folder) are not being interfered with, be sure to whitelist/allow both applications to run unimpaired. If you are still seeing the error:

  • (Windows 7/8/10) Press Windows key + R -> type services.msc and hit enter
  • Locate the "LeapFILEComHub" service Right click LeapFILEComHub - choose "Properties"
  • Set the startup type to "Automatic"
  • Click the start Button
  • Click Apply
  • Reboot is recommended
  • Click "Recovery" and set all three failure options to "Restart the Service"
  • In some cases this has helped as well: Click "Log On" and select "This Account" choose user and enter login password
  • Click OK
  • Reboot computer



As a last resort:

The last thing to do is to completely uninstall LeapFILE including the registry keys. Below describes the steps to do that:
1. Uninstall from the control panel
-Delete the LeapFILE folder located at C:\Program Files\LeapFILE
-Delete Add-in Express folder from My Documents  
-Delete LeapFILE folder from C:\Documents and Settings\%userprofile%\AppData\Roaming\LeapFILE

3. Delete the following registry keys:

4. Reinstall LeapFILE desktop client

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