Failed Transfers via Outlook/Desktop Client

1. Error: Invalid login

This error occurs if you changed/reset your LeapFILE password and do not log back into the desktop client with your new password. 

To resolve this, please login to desktop client again. Right click the yellow envelope in the system tray and choose logout, then repeat the steps and login with the new password!


2. Error: Failed. Invalid Request - 'XXXXX' authentication option is currently disabled for this account.

You will receive this error message if a specific "Receiver Authentication Option" you have chosen was disabled by your LeapFILE account administrator. To fix this, you can right click the LeapFILE system tray icon (as shown above) and choose Exit (do not logout), then launch the application again. Otherwise ask your LeapFILE administrator to enable that option. Then can do so by logging into the web client and navigating to  Account > Account Setup > Receiver Authentication Option.

After sending files via the Outlook plugin, make sure you check the "Transfers List" through the desktop client to ensure the transfer went through successfully. Any errors or failures will be seen here.

Note - You will have to resend failed transfers.


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