Upload files to Portal or Repository using Outlook Plugin

Easily add file(s) to your Portal and Repository:

Here are the steps -

  • If you have not already, please download and install LeapFILE Desktop Client / Outlook Plugin
  • Compose an email to yourself in Outlook, attach the desired file(s) and click the send via LeapFILE button highlighted below:

  • Login to your LeapFILE account, navigate to Transfers -> Incoming Transfers (Or just click Incoming Transfers on your Start page!) and use Copy to Portal or Repository feature shown as -> Repository and -> Portal buttons.

  • Select the Portal or Repository you wish to copy the File(s) to and click Next

  • Click Save - if there are folders within the portal you can copy directly in to them by clicking the Folder dropdown and selecting the nested folder

  • You can delete the transfer after copying to portal/repository if so desired - the file(s) will be deleted from the transfer upon expiration

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