Receiving Files

How do does the recipient download a file?

The receiver will get an email notification containing a secure download link to get the file. The system will authenticate the recipient by asking for their email address and access code (if any). If the information provided matches the link, the recipient will see download links for each file.

A LeapFILE user can ignore this email and download by logging in via web client and going to Incoming Transfers.

Can a recipient download the file without getting the notification email?

Yes. A recipient can download a transfer using their tracking code. The tracking code is next to the recipient on the tracking page. Give the tracking code to the recipient and they can download the transfer by going to > Secure Download.

How do I save a file instead of opening it?

Sometimes your browser will launch the file instead of asking you to save the file when you click the download link. If this happens, you can force the browser to save the file by right-clicking the download link and choosing "Save Link" or "Save Link Target As" from the pop-up menu.

Why did my recipient get an expired download message?

Every file transfers contains an expiration date. The exact expiration date is indicated in the tracking page and in the download notification email. Please also see

Why am I not getting alert notifications via email?

There are two alert messages. The first alert is sent when the recipient acknowledges receipt of the download notification email and the second alert is sent when the recipient completely downloads all the files.

The alert email messages could be trapped in your email filters. Check your bulk/junk/SPAM folder and add a new mail routing rule to allow alert messages from

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