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Desktop Client/Outlook Installation and User Guide

The LeapFILE Desktop client is a very powerful application for transferring large files. In order to use the Outlook plug-in (see below for installation instructions!), the desktop client must firstbe installed on the machine. This guide explains the various features of the desktop client.

Note - Administrators can control the settings of the desktop client for their users from the web client. 

Log into your LeapFILE account and select "Download the latest LeapFILE Desktop Client with Outlook Plug-in". Run the installer.

"Enter in your LeapFILE URL when prompted and click “Submit”.

(No need for www, http, or https! Just 

"Enter in your email address along with your password and click “Login”.


"Once you have successfully logged back into your LeapFILE desktop, you can click “Close” and send any transfer you wish through your Outlook plug-in again.


Desktop Client Tabs


 New Transfer -

  • New Transfer - Send new file transfer directly from your desktop.
  • Pause - Pause sending a transfer and resume upload later.
  • Resume - Resume a paused transfer. Files can be resumed with 24 hours of pausing them.
  • Cancel - Cancel a pending transfer.
  • Delete - Delete a transfer from the list. 

Menu Options

These options can also be accessed by right-clicking the LeapFILE tray icon in your system tray.


  • About LeapFILE - Lets you know what version of the desktop client and Outlook plug-in you're using. 
  • Check Update - Check for the latest available version/build of the desktop client.
  • New Transfer - Explained above.
  • Options - This is divided into three sections: General, Transfer, and Connection.
  1. Preferences - Pop up close advice when you close desktop client.
  2. Automatic Updates - Enable/disable automatic updates and check for new updates.
  3. Upload Acceleration - Control file chunk size, number of streams, and retries.
  4. Security Defaults - Choose the receiver authentication mode. 
  5. Message Privacy - With this option checked, the message you send with your transfer will be encrypted along with the file. The recipient will have to authenticate themselves in order to see your message. 
  6. Proxy - Enter proxy details here.
  • Logout - Logout from the LeapFILE Desktop Client. After you logout, the application will still be running.
  • Exit - Exit the application.


First check if your Outlook is 32 or 64 bit and follow the additional installation instructions if you are using 64-bit before opening Outlook!

Once installed open Outlook, then compose an email and add the attachment(s) as you normally* would and simply click the LeapFILE button to send your transfer securely!

*Be sure all recipients are in the "To" field as LeapFILE will BCC all recipients on the list!

For more details on the Outlook plugin take a peek at our short video

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