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Can I recover/resend complete or expired file transfers? (File Expiration Policy)

Based on your account,  your "File Expiration Policy" will determine when your file(s) are deleted from our server completely. 

If the transfer has already expired, or shows as complete it must be re-sent as there is no longer a copy stored on our servers. You can check the status of any transfer under Transfers > Incoming or Outgoing Transfers > Details

After successful download and/or expiration files cannot be recovered or re-sent as they no longer exist on our server, and options related to the transfer like Forward, Resend, Cancel will be disabled.  

To store files permanently, please use the Repository or Portal features.

To change your File Expiration Policy*, please login to your account (admin rights required) and then go to Account > Account Setup > File Expiration Policy. 

Once the change is made be sure to click Save at the bottom to apply.

*This update is not retroactive, any transfers sent before the update will fall under the previous policy.

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