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What to do when your account has been disabled

Here's what to try if you are receiving the following error when logging into LeapFILE: "This account has been disabled. Please contact your administrator or customer support to enable your account."

Contact your admin (customer service can not enable your account for you)

Contact your LeapFILE account administrator to enable your account. For security purposes, LeapFILE customer support can not enable your account for you. If you are unsure who your account administrator is, you can ask us and we will let you know who they are so you can contact them. 

Check your inactivity settings

If you are an admin and your account was disabled, or if you are unsure why your account is repeatedly disabled, try checking your account settings. Your account may have the "Disable users after a certain period of inactivity" setting checked. If this feature is checked, any user on your account will be automatically disabled if they have not used or logged into LeapFILE within the number of days specified.

To view this setting, log into LeapFILE via the web client. Then navigate to Account -> Account Setup -> scroll down to see Disable inactive accounts policy. Please note that you may need admin or user management rights to see this. 

How to enable a disabled user's account

To enable a disabled user, log into LeapFILE via the web client. Then navigate to Account -> User Accounts -> click the name of the user. Select the blue text to either Enable or Disable. Please note you may need administrative permissions to view and edit user accounts. 

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